Hemostasis Range

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SBio PT Test Liquid stable, ready to use Responsive Thromboplastin reagent for PT determination 90310305 3 x 5 ml
SBio APTT Test Liquid stable, ready to use Cephaloplastin reagent for APTT determination 90320303 3 x 3 ml
SBio Calcium Chloride Ready to use 0.02M CaCl2 solution for use with SBio APTT reagent 90321010 10 ml
SBio Fibrinogen Reagent for quantitative estimation of fibrinogen 90330020 20 tests
SBio XL FDP Latex agglutination test for detection of cross linked fibrin degradation products 90340015 15 tests
SBio LA Screen DRVVT for screening of Lupus anticoagulants 90360005 5 tests
SBio LA Confirm DRVVT for confirmation of Lupus anticoagulants 90370005 5 tests
SBio Control plasma H-I/H-II Normal ( H-I) and abnormal control plasma ( H-II) suitable for SBio PT, SBio aPTT and SBio Fibrinogen assays 90370061
6 x 1 ml
6 x 1 ml
SBio Protein C Quantitative determination of Protein C activity in human plasma 90390040 40 tests
SBio Protein S Quantitative determination of Protein S activity in human plasma 90400040 40 tests